Scope of Ministry

Scope of Ministry

The following is an interview with Wings of Faith Director Jim Yost.

What are some important aspects that help keep WOF successful?
Being in touch with God's leading is essential to success in any true ministry. We are constantly surprised by God's leading us in ways that don't always make sense in human terms, but His plan is always better and involves things that we could not foresee. We need to rely on Him at every major and many minor decisions. Clarity of our purpose and transparency to our donors and members is also very key.

With a ministry as large as WOF and its expansions is it difficult to keep a strong organizational structure within the ministry?
It is very difficult to grow a ministry with "level" funding and a strong growth on the ministry side. It is likewise challenging to grow with a limited organizational structure within the ministry volunteers and Board members, as we are all volunteers with varied backgrounds, availability, and strengths.

What are some challenges WOF has had to overcome and how was WOF able to work through those challenges?
We have been attacked on many levels, including of course from our own members and from the outside. This is just part of being in ministry and should be expected and now our board is much stronger because of some of this. We are constantly challenged to continue our work more efficiently as donors have departed and new ones have come with more of an emphasis on special projects. It is a challenge to meet the monthly rent payments, etc, while blessing over 30 pastors and organizations over five states, many Reservations, and Mexico.

In what ways can someone volunteer their time with WOF?
We have opportunities in many areas depending on the interest of the individual or group. On an individual level, we need people to do advocacy presentations for WOF, correspondence, newsletters,  basic cleaning, aircraft and vehicle maintenance, drivers, warehouse workers, pilots, coordination of activities, special events, etc. On a group basis, we have opportunities for youth and other groups to work in the warehouse for packaging and  to work in the field with local pastors doing youth and children programs, construction, etc.

Over all how would you describe your experience with WOF and being apart of the amazing ministry my Grandfather as built?
It has been very challenging, to say the least, but each day or week brings a new source of amazement at God's plan and how He decides to carry it out. I feel very blessed to be a blessing to those who do not know our Savior and have no hope of being happy or successful in life. In some cases, this is very simple. Supporting those doing the hands on work is probably very key to our staying within our objectives.  Many of our local pastors and missionaries feel very unsupported and do not have the materials they need to do what they feel God has called them to do. It is very fulfilling and God directed to support their efforts with teaching material, Bibles, food, clothing, hygiene products and many other things to make their individual "calling" work. Some pastors use building materials to make a difference and others use tee shirts to reach out to youth groups. This is just an example of how diverse our support is and can be to accomplish God's goals of seeking out those who don't know of His love!