Happy New Year from Soles4Souls!

Happy New Year from Soles4Souls!
As we begin this New Year, I just wanted to take a moment and reach out to you on behalf of Soles4Souls…
2017 was a challenging year for so many of us who serve people around the world and right here at home; I feel that all of our resources and partnerships were stretched more than ever before! 
I want to thank you for your partnership and the tireless work you do serving those in your community who need help the most.  Thank you for the countless hours you work so that people’s lives can be improved.  I know many of you don’t hear often enough, “I respect and appreciate your work”, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you myself!  The photos and stories you send us are cherished by our team here at Soles4Souls.   I have attached a collage of just a fraction of the wonderful photos you send our way!
Thank you for giving Soles4Souls the opportunity to be your partner as you touch lives each and every day.  We are grateful for this humbling opportunity and hope for more of them in the future!
Here is to a Happy, Healthy and more impactful 2018!
Happy New Year from Soles4Souls!
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