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Pilot Requirements

At Wings of Faith, it is our sincere desire to place volunteers in a ministry that will employ their gifts and strengths as they grow in Christ, while at the same time advancing the ministry in a significant way for God’s kingdom. In order for Wings to ensure a win-win match, every ministry volunteer candidate goes through a screening process.

  • Private pilot license or higher
  • Currency including biannual flight review, current medical and three take-offs and landings in previous 90 days
  • Total of 200 hours of flight time
  • 10 cross country flights of at least 200 nautical miles
  • An interview and flight evaluation by WOF Board Pilot
  • Signed insurance waiver protecting WOF
  • Must be active in a Christian Fellowship or Church that provides for growth in the Christian Life.

Use of Wings Of Faith aircraft for missions use have higher requirements and are met on a case-by-case basis and are based on the pilot’s experience, capabilities and proficiencies at the approval of the Wings Of Faith President and Flight Operations Officer. Medical transportation flights will only be carried out with the express permission of the Flight Operations manager and/or President and the pilots must meet higher requirements based on the specifics of the flight. Please contact us here for more information.


Pilot Forms: Please download these forms in PDF format to fill out and mail to us.


WOF-Pilot-Requirment-Version-1.2-Oct 14 2015-2015.pdf