Sparkling in the Arizona sun, this is a Quest Kodiak. In conjunction with Flying Under the Son, Wings Of Faith has served many needy people using this Quest Kodiak.

It serves regularly in Alaska with Samaritan’s Purse during the summers.

The Kodiak is specially designed for off airport work and is used worldwide by ministries such as Mission Aviation Fellowship. (See QuestAircraft.com for more information.)



This is an example of one our members delivering much anticipated Christmas Airlift games, blankets and toys for the disadvantaged children of the reservations. Pictured is the Cessna 180 that belongs to Bruce Nelson delivering supplies the Clausens who have a prison and critical needs ministry east of Yuma, AZ. In this case, deliveries are made on an agricultural airstrip very near the border of Mexico.


Nick Nickolary assists with unloading our faithful Cessna 182 in Yuma, Arizona.
Our reliable Cessna 206 is a heavy hauler, but still able to nimbly go where most airplanes fear to tread.

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