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After months of planning and research, a volunteer team came out the Navajo Nation Dec. 14, to help distribute hundreds of pair of shoes and new coats at two of the locations served by Wings of Faith. On Dec. 15th, they helped with hundreds of items at Tolani Lake on the western side of the Navajo Nation served by our great friends Ron and Barb Ornelas. This was an amazing event in the gym with families and people of every age enjoying snacks, non-perishable food from Midwest Foodbank to take with them, books from and clothes from Stussy and other WOF donors. The children got some Christmas toys supplied by WOF and had a great time. God was so good in putting all these pieces together!

On Dec. 16th, we did a similar event in Thoreau, N.M., at Thoreau Native Outreach, featuring music, some preaching and teaching, and more of the above items. The team from Soles4Souls were great in serving the folks patiently in the cold wind outdoors for hours. What a wonderful event serving hundreds and God’s word was spoken throughout the day by local pastors.

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